Surplus Equipment

Surplusing Departmental Equipment 

All assets including furniture that have reached their useful life or have failed must be submitted to Material Management to surplus or reassing else to campus. All surplus is sold on Public Surplus Auction, recycled, donated or reassigned on campus.

The procedure to surplus assets is:

  1. Complete a Moving Services Request. The request can be found here:
  2. Complete all the red fields
  3. For Request Type select, Pickup of Surplus Property
  4. The Oracle Account # will be automatically populated. Departaments do not pay for surplus moves
  5. In the Request Date field enter the date to pick up the surplus
  6. Complete E-mail address and Save Request
  7. On the Home Page, open SAVED page, select the appropriate request and select Request Approval
  8. The request will be processed by Moving Services and scheduled for pick up  

Steps for Requesting the Sale of High Value University Equipment (Log In)