All outgoing mail and packages are required to contain a barcode or account string for chargeback purposes.

Three options are offered below to help meet the barcode requirement:

  1. Preprinted Envelopes - Order from ReproGraphics at 4-2967 and request bardcodes be printed on the back of envelopes.
  2. Preprinted Barcode Labels - Contact ReproGraphics 4-2967 or ReproGraphics to access the ReproStore.
  3. Software Purchase - To obtain a new bardcode for an account string, please contact Diana Prout.

General Barcode Information:

Please do not make copies of barcodes! Barcodes must be very sharp and precise. When copied on a standard office copier, barcode quality may be compromised, such that our barcode scanners cannot effectively read the barcode. Mail with non-scannable barcodes will be returned to the sender.

For mailings from campus funds only (State/University):

The 6-digit numbers will continue to be used for mail chargeback purposes. 

The new Oracle numbers will not be used for mail chargeback purposes. Do not have barcodes made for Oracle account numbers.

For mailings from Foundation only:

SDSU Foundation has converted to a new financial system-Banner-and will be using all new numbers.

Mail Services' postage accounting system will recognize an 11-digit number provided by the Foundation. The 11-digits correspond to the first and second fields of the Banner accounting string: the 6-digit Fund field and 5-digit Org field. Mail with an incorrect format (other than 11 digits) will be returned to sender.