Oracle iAssets Inventory Tracking System

Business & Financial Affairs has implemented a self-service module in Oracle called iAssets. This module will assist the campus in the process of accurately maintaining our equipment inventories.

  • Inventory Coordinators now have the capability to correct discrepancies within their inventories prior to Material Management's physical inspection of equipment.
  • Going forward it is essential that all Inventory Coordinator’s log into iAssets and start reviewing the current status of their iAssets inventories so they can make required changes, update locations or surplus any assets to reflect a more accurate inventory.
  • The Oracle iAssets self-service module is available on the Contollers web page at:


Contact Doug Addison  at phone # 4-0288 / E-mail: [email protected] or Mark Crumpacker at phone # 4-0741 / Email: [email protected] with any questions.