Material Management & Equipment Tagging

Tagging Information

All computers, laptops and capital equipment (over $5,000) are currently assigned a state asset tag. Each state asset is assigned to a department inventory coordinator in Oracle iAssets. The inventory coordinator is then responsible for that piece of equipment during the campus inventory process conducted by our Property Clerks.

Transferring Equipment Off Campus

Department Chairs or Administrators can authorize the use of equipment off campus. To accomplish this complete an Off Campus Use Of Equipment Agreement form. (Login) The form will be routed to Material Management.

Reporting Stolen/Missing University Assets

  1. Owner to contact their department Inventory Coordinator and inform them of the loss
  2. Owner to contact Public Safety and file a police report if stolen from University property
  3. Owner provides Inventory Coordinator with the police report
  4. The Police Report must have either the E-Tag or serial number in it to create a survey document
  5. Inventory Coordinator provides the police report to Material Management
  6. Material Management generates a survey document for signatures. The routing order is as follows:
  • Property Clerk
  • Two members of the Property Survey Board
  • Inventory Coordinator
  • Dean/Director or Associate Vice President

       7. Property Clerk will remove item/s from the Inventory