First Class Mailing

First Class Bulk Mailing - Outbound requirements

  1. Minimum mailing: 500 pieces
  2. All pieces in a permit imprint mailing must be of identical weight, size and content.
  3. Weight and Size requirements:
    Postcard: Height min/max = 3.5"/4.25"; Length min/max = 5"/6"; Thickness max = .25"
    Letter: Height min/max = 3.5"/6.125"; Length min/max = 5"/11.5"; Thickness max = .25"
  4. Each requested mailing should be accompanied by a completed and signed "Volume Ticket Form".
  5. The following should be imprinted on each Piece:
    First Class Mail
    US Postage
    San Diego, CA
    Permit No. 278
  6. Each Piece must be facing the same direction with:
    1. No sorting by zip code.
    2. No rubber bands or stickers.
  7. Place all pieces in a postal tray or tub.
  8. Mail services will pick for presorting and delivery to the Post Office within 24 hours.