First Class Mailing

First Class Bulk Mailing - Outbound requirements

  1. Minimum mailing: 500 pieces
  2. All pieces in a permit imprint mailing must be of identical weight, size and content.
  3. Weight and Size requirements:
  4. The maximum weight per piece: 3 ounces.
  5. Size:
    Postcard: Height min/max = 3.5"/4.25"; Lenght min/max = 5"/6"; Thickness max = .25"
    Letter: Height min/max = 3.5"/6.125"; Lenght min/max = 5"/11.5"; Thickness max = .25"
  6. Each requested mailing should be accompanied by a completed and signed "Volume Ticket Form".
  7. The following should be imprinted on each Piece:
    First Class Mail
    US Postage
    San Diego, CA
    Permit No. 278
  8. Each Piece must be facing the same direction with:
    1. No sorting by zip code.
    2. No rubber bands or stickers.
  9. Place all pieces in a postal tray or tub.
  10. Send form and sample of the mailing to your mail room.
  11. Mail services will pick for presorting and mailing is delivered to Post Office within 24 hours.