Moving Services

Moving Services is available to the campus. There are three basic types of moves,

  • Department Funded
  • Mandated Project
  • Surplus
  • To submit a request to move or pickup of surplus property, go to the request page at our Moving Services website. If you are not yet a user, you will need to complete the registration process. You can contact Doug Addison at 619-594-0288 if you need assistance navigating the website.

For move estimate costs, please select "walk-through" for request type. There is no charge for a walk-through. Moving services charges typically begin at $150 per hour for 2 movers and a truck.

Department Funded Moves

Department moves are moves requested by each department. An example would be a department requesting movers to reorganize an area. This type of move is charged to the department. Material Management will consolidate requests for efficiency.

Mandated Project Moves

Mandated moves are paid for at the discretion BFA. These moves are typically related to construction and emergency needs. 

Surplus Moves

At the discretion of Material Management, there is no charge for the pickup of surplus property that is turned in for disposal. Material Management will only pick up department owned copiers that are being surplused. If you are relocating your rental copier, you should contact your service provider. Movers will not move personal property or trash.

Scheduling Moves

Material Management can generally respond to all moves within three days of receiving the request. Notice in advance is always an advantage. For large moves, call Material Management so that we may assist you in planning your move and provide the necessary resources.                                                                                   

Moving Checklist 

An office move can be stressful. In addition to sufficient time to plan the move, checklists are one of the best sanity savers.

  • Logistical Services handles all moves, big and small. We move offices, labs, specialized equipment and we can provide storage if needed.
  • Use our comprehensive moving checklist to ensure all major and minor details are covered.
  • The checklist is broken down into stages and can be customized to match your type of move.
  • The more effort put into planning, the smoother everything else will go.
  • The bigger the move, the earlier planning should begin.
  • We are here to help you along the way! For large moves, plan on several staff meetings until completion.
  • Moves are also an opportunity to purge files and dispose of surplus equipment.
  • Facilities Services will dispose of trash.
  • Moving can be hard work and stressful, but we are here to make it easier. 

Moving Services Checklist (Login)

Disposal of IT Resources

The SDSU IT Security Office policies state that IT support staff are responsible for ensuring that all information, operating systems and other software (including all media) have been both, sanitized (wiped) and physically removed from equipment, before being sent to surplus. 

Recommendations for the correct disposal of computer hard drives can be found in section 3.9.8 of the Information Security Plan. For more information, see Disposal of IT Resources. (Login)