Disposal of IT Resources

Information Security Plan

SDSU Information Security Plan Version 1.4

Section 3.9.8

  • The Material Management Office auctions surplus computers and disk drives to the public, and destroys all drives.
  • IT support staff are responsible for ensuring that all information, operating systems and other software (including all media) have been removed (sanitized) from the equipment sent to surplus.
  • Management needs to ensure that proper documentation of all items for surplus are provided to the Materials Management Office when systems/media are picked up.
  • Surplus documentation is vital to the campus inventory reconciliation process.
  • The IT Security Office recommends writing over the hard drive once to sanitize any remnants of information or software.
  • Writing over the hard drive in this manner still leaves the drive usable.
  • Defective media (hard drives, tapes, etc) must be removed from systems and labeled for destruction so that Material Management can shred them to prevent access to information or licensed software.
  • Managers should ensure that CD-ROMs and DVDs which are no longer required are shredded.
  • Media containing protected information which cannot be shredded immediately should be secured until disposed of according to approved procedures.