Material Management

Ever wonder what happens to that old desk or computer you discard? -It winds up with Material Management, the custodian of University Equipment Records. We are responsible for moving services within the University campus and maintaining a database of over 14,000 equipment items valued at over $70 Million.

Information Security Plan (HARD DRIVE, TAPE, DISK DESTRUCTION)

IT support staff are responsible for ensuring that all information, operating systems and other software (including all media) have been sanitized (wiped) before being sent to surplus. In addition, departments must include an installed hard drive for each computer system (including servers). Hard drives will be removed by our Material Management staff and sent for shredding to prevent access to information or licensed software.

To comply with the task of destroying / shredding all hard drives plus media such as video tapes, floppy disks, cassette tapes and backup tapes Material Management has teamed up with IMS Electronics Recycling Inc. in Poway. Their facility can deliver the required viewable on site shredding. This service is offered at No Charge to departments. Certificates of destruction are available upon request.

Disposal of IT Resources

The Material Management office auctions surplus computers to the public and destroys media that are not reusable. Departments need to ensure that proper documentation of all items for surplus are provided to the Material Management Office when systems/media are picked up by our contracted movers. Surplus documentation is vital to the campus inventory reconciliation process.

Contact Information

Doug Addison
Property Clerk
Phone : 619-594-0288
Fax: 619-594-3401

Mark Crumpacker
Property Clerk
Phone : 619-594-0741
Fax: 619-594-3401

John Zuzarte
Assistant Director
Phone : 619-544-1222
Email: [email protected] 


Property Equipment Procedures 2022
SDSU Equipment Policy 2022
Desktop Procedures for Surplus Property